Hart Heritage Assisted Living Amenities

At Hart Heritage Assisted Living, we offer a variety of assisted living amenities to our residents to help them stay Harford County Assisted Living, Stree Hart Heritage Assisted Livingactive and feeling good about themselves.

Hart Heritage Services Include

Activities – Our seniors can choose from a variety of assisted living activities including gardening, cooking, movie night, organized games and more.

Hair Salon – No need to leave home to get your hair done. Both of our assisted living locations have a hair salon that’s open to men and women, both by appointment and walk-in.

Nail Care – Go ahead and pamper yourself. We offer a variety of nail care services. Just ask.

Podiatry Care – Many of our seniors need regular podiatry care, so we have a podiatrist who makes regular visits to examine and treat your feet, as well as fit residents for diabetic shoes.

Chapel – Our chapel, opened to all denominations, is available to our residents and families and is located next to our hospice wing. Hart Heritage is the only Harford County assisted living community that has a chapel on site. Enriching one’s spirit goes hand in hand with quality care.

Contact us today for more information about the amenities at Hart Heritage Assisted Living in MD.